Artesanía Española de Vanguardia, Innovación y Diseño | Libro

The book “Cutting Edge Spanish Crafts. Innovation and design in contemporary craft industries” was published in November 2011. This is an editorial project promoted by the Fundación Española para la Innovación de la Artesanía (Fundesarte ) and funded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Tachy Mora, cultural journalist, is the author of the book that has been published in Spanish and English by the publisher Lunwerg. It aims to show how they have adapted or reinvented certain craft areas to the current context and market requirements by a strong commitment to contemporary aesthetics, design, trends and new technologies.

The volume shows a series of cases from the scope of current Spanish craftsmanship regarded as exemplary by the creativity of their product or business strategy, for its innovation, the quality of their product, their interaction with the world of design or communication plan. These profiles range from structures built by a single craftsman or a small team to large companies, as well as collaborative projects with designers and initiatives to support particular local crafts.

Enrique Loewe, president of honor of the Loewe Foundation, Jaime Hayon, industrial designer, and Fundesarte, are the prologues of this book, which is configured as an important tool for the professional guidance of craftsmanship, design or entrepreneurs who want undertake an activity based on a product made by hand.

The book has a retail price of 33 € and can be purchased at major bookstores.